Lynn has been teaching yoga, meditation and somatic awareness for over 20 years. A graduate of the Esther Myers yoga teacher-training program (750 hours), she teachers in the Scaravelli tradition which emphasizes connecting movement to the breath, a sense of grounding to the earth and freedom of the spine.

In her classes, she creates a safe container of discovery, facilitating her students to find their own way into the practice. She encourages experimentation, curiosity and playfulness as a means to cultivate embodied wisdom, self-compassion, resilience and joy innate within all of us.

More offerings to come in the Summer of 2023. Stay tuned!

General Information for Sunday Relaxation Classes

On the day of class, a zoom invite with a password will be sent that morning to all registrants. Theme of the class and props you will need will also be sent.

If you have registered and haven't received a zoom invite by Sunday at 4pm please email me!  

After class, I may send a little homework to aid in de-stressing or review some points taught in class.  


During the class 

Please, take very good care of yourself, and make sure everything feels eeeeasy without strain.  Feel free to opt out of exercises you don’t feel comfortable doing.   

The beginning of class will be a guided relaxation (20 minutes).  Be prepared to find a comfortable resting position either lying and sitting.

We will experience various gentle practices lying, seated or standing. Have a chair handy if you feel you will need it to be comfortable.  


Other items

Even though we aren’t live together in a room, I hope to create a container of safety where we can investigate, explore and be curious about how we move, breathe and feel.  My goal as a teacher is always to empower you so you feel ownership over this class.  Remember to do what feels right.  And always, feel free to reach out and just let me know how you are doing, what you would like to learn more of, or how I can serve you better. I’ll do my best!    

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This class is offered freely to decrease barriers to those financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donations are appreciated (suggested $5-10).

Venmo: @Lynn-Teo      Paypal:

You matter
Self-care is a radical act of love and self-compassion.


Take the time to take care of yourself, so we can all take care of each other.

Because we belong to each other.

We need you and we need each other.