You are unique and so are your health needs.

Together, let's discover what works best for you.

Lynn's unique style of treatment combines Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture and shiatsu therapy. This powerful combination leaves patients feeling relaxed and balanced, yet energized. 

Lynn specializes in helping people reduce stress and anxiety, heal from burnout, overwhelm and trauma, and manage their chronic pain and complex chronic conditions.

When needed, she is also able to incorporate auxilliary modalities as needed including cupping, moxibustion, and non-needling techniques. Lynn prioritizes collaborative care and the empowerment of her patients.

Drawing upon her skills as a yoga, meditation and somatic awareness teacher, she guides her patients to tap into the wisdom of their own bodies.

Each treatment is unique.  She works collaboratively with her patient's, tailoring each session according to your preferences and health goals.


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Acupuncture restores the smooth flow of qi (the body's vital energy). By inserting needles at specific points on the body, practitioners are able to return the body to its natural balance and promote the body's ability to heal itself A growing body of research is showing acupuncture to be beneficial for many health conditions. 

Japanese-style acupuncture is different than Chinese-style acupuncture in that it emphasizes the use of palpatory diagnostic methods which provide the acupuncturist and patient an immediate measure as to the effectiveness of their treatment. Japanese-style acupuncture uses thinner needles and shallower insertion.  As well, non-needling techniques can be used for children or for patients in which needling is contraindicated.

Lynn practices Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture, is a specific form of Japanese acupuncture. Lynn has been fortunate to have spent several hundred hours as clinical assistant to world-reknowned master teacher, Ms. Matsumoto. 



Literally meaning "finger-pressure" in Japanese, shiatsu is a form of bodywork in which therapists use their palms, fingers and elbow, even knees and feet, to treat the body with comfortable pressure and stretching for the client to reduce muscular tension, improve circulation and treat a variety of conditions.

Shiatsu can lessen the detrimental effects of chronic stress and promote relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system through long holding pressure. This helps our bodies to deeply relax and recover from every day stresses of life and work. Shiatsu is also effective in treating stress related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive complaints; anxiety and depression; headaches and migraines; menstrual irregularities; insomnia and fatigue. 


Other Modalities

Moxibustion Portland Maine


By providing heat at acupuncture points, moxibustion (or moxa) is a powerful way to stimulate circulation, counteracts cold and dampness in the body, and promotes the smooth flow of blood and qi. This safe, non-invasive technique may be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture.
Cupping Portland Maine


Cupping is an ancient technique, used in many cultures, in which a special cup is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. Cupping brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation.
Healthy eating Portland Maine

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Lynn empowers her patients to take charge of their health by implementing customized positive lifestyle modifications, based on both Asian medical theory and modern evidence-based practices.
Acupuncture Pediatrics Portland Maine

Pediatric & Non-Needling Acupuncture

Magnets, pressballs, and other non-invasive techniques can still provide a powerful and effective treatment. Lynn is trained in shakuju, is a non-needling form of acupuncture from Japan. Shonishin is a form of non-invasive pediatric acupuncture from Japan. Lynn trains parents simple techniques to harmonize and boost a child's vital energy.
Reflexology Portland Maine


Several parts of the body, such as the ears, hands, feet and feet are microsystem that represent the body in its entirety. Reflexology mainly works via the soles of the feet to treat the entire body and rebalance the internal organs. It has been known to give patients a tremendous sense of relaxation.
Thai Massage Relaxation Portland Maine

Thai massage

Thai massage is very similar to shiatsu therapy in that the patient wears loose comfortable clothing which the practitioner applies pressure and stretches to rebalance the body. Techniques are slightly different and influences not only come from Chinese medical theory but also from Ayurvedic medicine as well as yogic theory.