Feeling stressed & anxious? Living with pain or a chronic condition?

I’m so glad you are here. Let's work together to get you more balanced, pain-free and feeling good.


You long to feel better and come back to finally feeling like yourself, but you don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you're overwhelmed trying to navigate all your symptoms.

Or maybe you've tried everything and nothing seems to have long-lasting effects.

Meet Lynn Teo

I believe that you matter and that you deserve to feel good.


Hi! I’m Lynn Teo (she / they). I'm a licensed acupuncturist and shiatsu therapist.  I also teach yoga, meditation and somatic awareness.

My deepest desire is to empower you to transform your stress and anxiety, reduce pain and suffering and move towards a life of greater resilience and joy and a deeper feeling of balance, wholeness, belonging and connection to yourself and others.  

I am committed to providing you care that is compassionate, patient-centered and collaborative.

Let's work together to find a treatment strategy that’s right for you, your health goals and your well-being.  


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With a unique combination of humor, energy, and intuition; Lynn addresses my health holistically each session and customizes each treatment accordingly…I am so grateful to have discovered Lynn and her unique therapeutic treatments.  Without Lynn I’m not sure I would have the full and successful life I do today; because without her I’m not sure I could have overcome and worked through a trauma that threatened to destroy every aspect of my life.  Lynn has played a critical role in my overall therapeutic journey . and recovery. Lynn is a true healer.

- SS, project manager

Lynn Teo is a wonderful healer…. Whether in the treatment room or meditating together, Lynn has the wisdom, compassion, humor and expertise to bring forth a new healing path for her patients and students.

- MB, acupuncturist